Saint Brigid’s Centre

Mayfair Theatre


The Mayfair Theatre is wheelchair accessible by a side entrance. The bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

Persons traveling by bus can take route 1 or route 7, descending at Bank and Sunnyside.

Saint Brigid’s Centre will not be wheelchair accessible by the time of the Festival, though there are renovation plans to make it accessible in the future. The entrance may provide challenges for persons who have limited mobility, as it has eleven stairs.

Persons traveling by bus can take route 1, descending at Murry and Cumberland (eastbound) or Saint Patrick and Cumberland (westbound).

A complimentary pass may be available for those requiring assistance to attend our programming. Contact to inquire about this or any other questions relating to accessibility.

Much of our programming takes place in accessible venues, such as the NAC 4th Stage and the Library and Archives. We are very conscious of working towards a future where more of our venues will be accessible. We are sorry for any difficulty our current Festival venues may cause.


3 responses to “Venues

  1. Really disappointed to see you are using St Brigids. It has poor accoustics. My experience is that you if one is not sitting in the first few rows one may as well not attend. Also it is in an awful area for access particularly after dark and late at night. For these reasoms am not planning to attend the Festival – Am sad as you have great people – it is always most enjoyable. What was wrong with the Archives as the location?

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